I am Michael Reid and...
This is my journey.
In the beginning...
I started my career as a Legal Support Professional in 2013. I printed my serves from an old epson inkjet printer in the kitchen of my small low-income apartment. I bought 500 business cards from vistaprint for $12 and I set out on the town to speak to every attorney and paralegal in Chico, California! It took me three weeks and some creative strategy, but I managed to land my first client. From one attorney to another, my tenacious ability to get people served helped me build a reputation for getting the job done! I aquired the company of my biggest competitor in 2016 just two short years after I started in the profession. 

What Now?
In January of 2017 I started listening to podcast episodes that could help me increase my knowledge and ability to earn. I fell in love with the idea that I could create something once and it would continue to make me money well into the future! Even while I was asleep! 

I learned that creating something cool was not enough, in order to truly succeed you need a genuine and faithful following. The only way to achieve that is by providing valuable content for free without expectation. To achieve this, I started my own Podcast where I interview other Legal Support Professionals about the tips, tools, and tactics they use to be the best in the industry. Join me on this journey today! Click the link below to stay connected. 
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