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Hey Guys! Here is a little about me... I have had a pretty rough life, from a drug dealer father that helped my best friend kill someone, to a life of bad choices and misdirection that led me to having 5 kids, flat broke and living in my mothers basement I had a hard lesson to learn... What was my true passion? Not what was the skill I needed to learn because I've always been able to do and learn anything! AND be good at it! But making money didn't teach me how to be happy with myself and and with my life. When my wife served me with divorce papers I learned about the legal support profession and found a place to call home. 

I started a new season in my life and found inner peace. I found how to be happy with who I was in the mirror. As the most well known Podcasting Skip Tracer across the country, I've built a large audience with my show PSD University and I've had a lot of fun helping the Legal Support profession advance it's use of automation technology and networking and it's been a really cool journey! 

However, I learned that creating something cool was not enough for me to feel like I've impacted the world in a positive way, in order to truly succeed I'd need a genuine and faithful following of motivated individuals who've found their passion in life! To help me make this BIG difference in this world, I would also need to provide valuable content for FREE without expectations and build positive reciprocity all over the world. To achieve this, I started a new Podcast "The Mighty Mike Show!" where I interview other entrepreneurs from all over the world in the areas of Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness! Specifically asking them how they became an entrepreneur and how they found their true passion.. Their true mission in life. If you want to join in on this journey  of helping others with self discovery click the button below! But get ready to flex those MIGHTY action muscles because we have some amazing guests lined up already and many of them I'm confident you already know and love!

Our First Batch of Episodes will launch on September 5th, 2019 and a new episode will release everyday thereafter. If you are ready to take Mighty Action with me... If you're REALLY brave, you'll Click My BULGING Action Muscle Below and join the Mighty Action Takers Group on Facebook! When on Social, use the hashtag #mightyactiontaker so I can keep up with the Mighty Action you're taking in your life! 
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